Preventive Maintenance

We don’t like the phrase tune up because you can’t tune up a heating and air conditioning system without changing parts. Our preventative maintenance service will provide a complete inspection and cleaning of your system. Our certified technicians will make appropriate recommendations per manufacture’s specifications if needed. Preventative Maintenance Plans are a great way to save you time and money. Priority Service and discounted pricing are great benefits of having a plan.

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A/C or Heat Pump:

  • Check refrigerant, charge by superheat and sub-cooling method
  • Inspect evaporator and condenser coil for cleanliness
  • Acid wash exterior coil
  • Tighten and inspect all electrical connections
  • Measure amp draws and voltage levels to mfg. specifications
  • Check electrical disconnect box for overheating
  • Inspect condensate drain lines
  • Inspect fan blade for cracks and proper balance
  • Replace filers/clean washable filters, or clean lifetime filters
  • Measure temperature at supply and return registers
  • Heat pumps only – test reversing valve and defrost system
  • Check relays, contractors, and compressor performance
  • Check thermostat for accuracy and programming

Gas Heating:

  • Check unit for gas leaks and carbon monoxide
  • Check all safety switches
  • Safety inspection of gas valve
  • Adjust gas flame to mfg. specifications
  • Measure amp draws and voltage levels to mfg. specifications
  • Test fan controls
  • Inspect flu piping for restrictions and air leaks
  • Replace filters/clean washable filters, or clean lifetime filters
  • Vacuum furnace and/or air handler